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Estate and Trust Administration


Probate is the process of inventorying, managing and distributing the estate of a deceased person by an executor, with Court supervision. The executor administers the Will or intestate estate (the estate of a deceased person where there is no Will or Trust). The attorney can assist you with filing the appropriate paperwork, guide you in selling or transferring assets, and represent you in Court.

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Understanding Probate and Estate Administration

Trust Administration

If the deceased person has a Trust, the assets still need to be identified and distributed.  Records must be kept and certain legal notices need to be prepared. Documents such as an Affidavit of Successor Trustee or Small Estate Affidavit may need to be prepared. The attorney can assist with this process.

Collaborative Estate Administration

If you are involved in the distribution of an Estate or Trust, and would like to use a process that will preserve family relationships and not turn into warfare, Collaborative Estate Administration might be for you. Old wounds and emotional entanglements often come up after a loved one has died, leading to conflict. In the collaborative process, each person or group of persons that are involved in the disputed estate has their own collaboratively trained attorney. In addition, a coach (a specially trained mental health professional) is part of the team to help with the communication between the parties and the emotional issues that arise. The goal is for the family to work together towards a creative solution that will satisfy all the parties and allow the family to go forward without the resentment or bitterness towards each other that is so often the result of a contested estate.